Art & Design and Art History Department

Greiner Art Gallery - proposal guidelines

NOTE: The Greiner Art Gallery is not soliciting exhibition proposals at this time. However submissions may be sent to keep on file for future exhibition consideration. If you would like the gallery to be aware of your artwork and keep your portfolio on file, please send an Exhibition Proposal to the Greiner Art Gallery Director via standard mail. Emailed proposals will not be considered.

Exhibits are 3-4 weeks in length and are scheduled to match the academic calendar of Hanover College.
Artists, groups of artists, curators, or institutions are eligible to submit proposals.
Priority is given to cross-disciplinary projects.

Your Proposal Disc will be kept on file for 5 years.
Proposals are reviewed on an ongoing basis and artists will be notified by email if more information is needed.
If your proposal is being strongly considered for an exhibition, the artist or curator will be contacted by email.

Proposal - should be submitted in electronic format burned onto one CD or DVD for mac computers.
Please label your disc with date, artist/curator name, address, email, phone, and website
Please do NOT send slides or hardcopies of the information on the disc.
The two documents burned onto disc include:
1) Proposal text and supplementarty information about artist(s)
2) Images of the artist's work

Proposal Text - a single pdf document that includes:
- Contact Information (name of primary applicant, address, email, phone, website)
- Project abstract (100 word max.)
- Project description (500 word max.)
- Resume or curriculum vitae for applicant and key participants (2 pages per participant)
- Preliminary visual diagrams indicating installation concepts
- A checklist of the images with descriptions.

Images of the artist's work - a single pdf document that includes:
- Up to 20 images
- One image per page followed by title, year, media, and dimensions on the same page. A brief description of the artwork is helpful if image represents an installation, performance, or time-based piece.

Fancy bound or bindered portfolios are discouraged and do not in any way increase an artist's chances or the attention the artist's proposal will receive.
Artists may update their Proposals by sending exhibition announcements or new CDs of their work.

Leticia R. Bajuyo, Gallery Director
Hanover College
P.O. Box 890
Hanover, IN 47250