Art & Design and Art History Department

The Greiner Art Gallery at Hanover College

The Greiner Art Gallery provides the community with visual art exhibtions featuring a diverse line-up of artists and artistic styles. The gallery also offers opportunities to get to know the artists through a series of Special Events including demonstrations, lectures, and seminars.

Located in the lobby of the Lynn Center for Fine Arts Building, the gallery is open to the public during exhibitions Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, during special events in the CFA, and by appointment.

Please contact the Interim Gallery Director Andrew Hardin if you would like any addtitional information about the gallery, the exhibitions, or to make an appointment to see the show outside of gallery hours. email:

Greiner Art Gallery - 2016-2017 exhibition schedule


Fall 2016



Alumni Exhibition: Jonpaul Smith

September 9 - October 1

Opening Reception and Artist Talk: TBD

Artist Workshop: TBD

Jonpaul Smith graduated from Hanover College in 2002. He went on to study at the University of Cincinnati, earning a MFA. This exhibtion will feature current works. For images and more information visit:

Artwork by JonPaul Smith, titled Family Ties. The artwork features brightly colored packaging materials woven together.       Family Ties, Paper construct, Jonpaul Smith

Common Threads:
The Art of Denise Furnish, Ehren Reed, and Penny Sisto

October 10 - November 11

Opening Reception: October 21, 5:30pm

Artists Panel Discussion: October 21, 6pm

Common Threads features three artists, who each explore fiber art in unique and powerful ways. Fiber is a part of our daily lives, and these artworks refresh our eyes and remind us to experience fiber as art.

A panel discussion with be held in conjunction with the opening reception, where the artists will discuss their artwork, process, and discuss using fiber as an art form. 


Artwork by Penny Sisto, titled Black Lives Matter. The artowork is quilted and features a woman with hands clasped in prayer, a jaguar, and an African American Man

'Black Lives Matter' Quilt, Penny Sisto



Artist Lecture and Workshop with Koichi Yamamoto

November 12, 1pm

Koichi Yamamoto will visit campus to speak and conduct a printmaking workshop, open to all. The talk and workshop will both take place in CFA, room to be determined. In winter term his work will be on display in the Greiner Gallery.
From his website: "Koichi Yamamoto is an artist who merges traditional and contemporary techniques so as to develop unique and innovative approaches to the language of printmaking. His prints explore issues of the sublime, memory, and atmosphere. Koichi has worked at many scales, from small and meticulously engraved copper plates to large monotypes." -
He holds a BFA from Pacific Northwest College and an MFA from the University of Alberta, Canada. He has studied, worked, and exhibited internationally. He is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 
 Artwork by Koichi Yamamoto, titled Oredani. The artwork features black in on white paper in an abstract design.
Oredani, Monotype and intaglio, Koichi Yamamoto


Student Exhibition 

November 18 - Dec 9



Winter 2017


Andrew Cozzens


January 16 - Feb 10


Andrew Cozzens, who has served as an adjunct in the Art department, will exhibit his latest work in the gallery. 

From the Artist's Website: "I aim to create a visual situation in which the time duration of the work becomes an experience rather than a measured interval. I utilize both natural and synthetic processes to give my work a lifespan beyond the instantaneous viewing. By virtue of one's own sensual impulses, I encourage the viewer to experience the present, develop a past, consider the future, and realize their place within the continuum of the work." - 


Art History Student Exhibition and recent Prints by Koichi Yamamoto

February 17 - Mar 17

Opening Reception: TBD

 From the Artist Statement:

"My recent prints examine two of our important relationships, first with the environment and second with other human beings.The first relationship is embodied in the monotype prints, which are by their very nature unique, expressive, spontaneous, and intangible. These qualities allow me to create prints that are unpredictable but that include a sense of gravity, darkness and light. The engravings, on the other hand, are calculated and repeatable. Ultimately, we cannot have one relationship without the other. The environment is exciting and nourishing, we depend on it but must also learn to survive in it. We must respect nature because it gives us life and if it is mistreated it can take our lives away. We need the stability of human relationships so as to be able to explore nature and through this exploration we create beautiful things in human minds."


 Artwork by Koichi Yamamoto, titled Uki. The artwork features black in on white paper in an abstract design.

Uki, Monotype and Intaglio, Koichi Yamamoto

Studio Seniors: details TBD

March 24 - Apr 14




Spring 2017


Creating Reality: Julie Baldyga and Dorothy Hawkins

May 1 - 26th

Opening Reception: May 12 at 6pm

Julie Baldyga works primarily in oil pastel and soft sculpture. She creates scenes of heaven, a heaven in which all are equal and people chose to spend their time repairing turbines, engines, and transformers.
Dorothy Hawkins creates in a variety of media. This exhibition will focus on her photographic work, and yarn sculptures. In her photographs she depicts an elaborate world with dolls in narrative scenes. Her yarn sculptures are of various creatures, animals and people. All small and made by wrapping and twirling yarn.