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The Department of Art and Art History at Hanover College offers a major and a minor in each area: Studio Art and Art History. The small student-to-faculty ratios ensure individual attention to discover their strength while the creative and nurturing environment encourages students can inspire one another.

The Greiner Art Gallery at Hanover College provides the community with visual art exhibtions in a professional setting. Each year, the exhibition season features a diverse line-up of artists and artistic styles. The gallery also offers opportunities to get to know the artists through a series of Special Events including demonstrations, lectures, and seminars.

The next exhibition in the Greiner Art Gallery is Land Report.

Land Report is a group exhibition featuring five artists who deal with landscape in fundamental ways and as a foundational reference point.

Exhibition dates: Monday, January 5th - Friday, February 6th, 2015
Artists’ presentations and closing reception: Friday, February 6th, 5-7pm, talks starting at 5:30pm

Jason S. Brown considers the politics of mountaintop removal in his construction of objects and installations using coal and hidden light sources.

Brian R. Jobe crafts meeting places for public interaction through the delineation of pathways between stacked bricks and cinderblocks.

David L. Jones responds to desert environments with model scale sculpture and stop-motion animation.

Patrick Kikut incorporates a lifelong interest in the horizon line in paintings with flat Midwestern landscapes as his muse.

Shelby Shadwell examines landforms from a non-traditional lens by creating mountains out of matchbooks and making diapers appear monumental.


Located in the lobby of the Lynn Center for Fine Arts Building, the gallery is open to the public during exhibitions Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.